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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mystery Date!

Despite my epic FAIL of not blogging about my wedding, most of you already know that Dillon and I got married on November 20th, which makes us a) married about 70 days and b) marriage experts (yes, I'm kidding, before all you married-for-longer people get in a snit).

Anyway, these first two months of marriage have been like living in our own romantic comedy, full of learning-to-live-together adventures and overall fun-having-ness. I want to do a better job of blogging some of these occasions for both your reading pleasure and my memory's sake, so I thought I'd start today by posting about some stuff that happened this weekend.

On Friday, Dillon and I were texting, and then suddenly:
D: "P.S., me and you have a date tomorrow in the afternoon."
C: "We do?!"
D: "Yes, I'm taking you out."
C: "Sweet, where?"
D: "You'll find out then."
C: "Hmm!!! I'm so curious now."

If you know me, you know that I don't do well with surprises. This is not to say I don't LIKE surprises; on the contrary, I think surprises are thoughtful and awesome. But if I KNOW something is coming and I don't know when or what it is, I turn into a badgering, questioning, all-consumed, surprise-wanting fiend. In fact, last year when I thought that we might be getting engaged soon, I asked Dillon constantly where we were going and when and why, thinking the proposal might come at any time, until eventually he exasperatedly asked me if I just wanted him to do it right then or if I'd wait until he could carry out what he had been planning. (Enter shame.) So this time, I made a conscious decision not to be a nag and to simply allow my sweet husband to surprise me like he wanted to, instead of being a day-ruiner (which is what comes naturally... yikes).

Sue and I are kindred spirits. She can't handle it either. (If you aren't familiar with this, look here and thank me later.)

So, Saturday came, and I tried sneakily to guess the plan by doing things like:
a) getting out the soccer ball (which was quite a task, as it was buried in the closet) and asking, "Do we need THIS!?" (answer: no)
b) creeping on Dillon getting dressed with a critical eye, looking for clues as to where we might be going by his choice of clothes (soccer jersey and jeans, hmm)
c) asking casually if I should set the DVR for certain shows that were coming on throughout the day and trying to gauge how long we might be gone (Dillon reminded me that we have all our shows on
d) cooking a mini bagel for breakfast to see if Dillon would object because maybe we were going out to eat for lunch (he didn't)

My covert tactics were not terribly successful, so I resigned myself to sitting quietly in the car while we drove toward Fort Worth (hmm...interesting). Well, actually, we talked the whole way down, but due to my supreme multitasking ability, I still secretly pondered lots of possibilities while we drove.

I was confused when we exited and went to Dillon's school, but he assured me that it wasn't our date and that he just had to buy a book for class. We took the opportunity to walk around the campus, though, because the weather was gorgey and I hadn't really ever been on the seminary grounds before. The campus is very well groomed, like TWU, and there are a lot of sculptures/statues and fountains. When we were leaving, Dillon told me to pick where I wanted to go for lunch, so I picked Genghis Grill. Freakin' YUM. (SOME people say I waste pick-your-own-ingredients opportunities. I only put chicken, egg, and pineapple in my bowl at GG. Just like at Subway, where I only put turkey and cheese on my sandwich. Umm...haters.)

At lunch, Dillon actually SOLICITED my guesses about where we were going next. I wanted to guess that we might be going to the museum, because I'd been dying to go, but then I decided not to make any guesses in case I guessed something way better than what he had planned. Hahaha. He agreed with my logic. Hahaha again.

Finally, the moment of truth was upon us. Being the Fort Worth expert that I am, I could tell as we drove away from lunch that we were heading toward the cultural district. I remembered that the Stock Show was going on and hoped fervently that we weren't going there (so sue me). But then... voila!

He took me to the Kimbell! Now, I've been to this museum lots of times having grown up in FWISD and having a family that appreciated cultural experiences, BUT Dillon and I had been really wanting to go again for a while. And we did! And it was awesome! We browsed and explored and exchanged faux-intelligent commentary about the artists and their intentions with each piece. AND we visited the gift shop, where I found the uber-cutest coupon organizer which I shall now use to save hundreds of dollars on every product. I convinced Dillon that I should get to buy it because it would pay for itself in a matter of days... we'll see.

Best friends forever.

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