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Friday, October 15, 2010

Five things I love about fall!

Despite my 24th fall being my craziest so far due to starting graduate school and planning our wedding, it doesn't change the fact that it is FALL. And fall is by far my favorite season, so I have decided to dedicate this post to the five best things about fall. It is utterly fantastic, for reasons that I have only begun to outline below.

1. School starts. This is why some people DON'T like fall, I guess. But it was never a bummer for me as a child. I was usually ready for summer to be done-zo; I wanted to get back to school with my brightly colored Lisa Frank folders and patterned wooden pencils. The fall semester, rather than New Year's, signals a fresh start in my mind. I suppose I will always be wrapped in academia at this rate, either as a student, a staff member, or a professor (one of these days!).

I think I had all these folders, except for maybe the lame unicorn.

2. The blistering Texas heat finally begins to subside. We natives pull out our fleece jackets when the thermostat gets into the 70s and 80s. Today it is 85 out and my office heater has been on full blast all day. Brr. But there is something about being outside in the crisp autumn air that just makes me feel clean. It is always this season when I begin walking or running outside in the evenings because, for once, my otherwise-cozy apartment makes me feel confined and stuffy. Disclaimer: this feeling dissipates by the time "winter," also known as 50 degrees, arrives. You will find me happily burritoed into a blanket with hot chocolate.

That's me, except not me, but it's what I look like in the fall.

3. The leaves change from boring green into my very FAVORITE, more interesting colors. Deep yellows and reds are just beautiful to me (hence the wedding palette I have chosen!).

No comment is amazing.

Plus the leaves drift down into awesomely crunchy piles. I didn't really play in piles of leaves, or sand, or mud, when I was little. I really despised being dirty. BUT I still like to crunch the leaves, especially with the toes of my boots, which brings me to...

4. Fall clothes! They are the BEST clothes. Light sweatshirts and the aforementioned fleece jackets, leather dress boots and the clothy, Uggs kind that go over your jeans, sweater dresses with big belts, and... scarves! I broke out my first fall scarf last week and I thought I'd die of happiness when I looped that sucker around my neck in the stylish+warm fashion I learned in Europe.

I had some people model my fall wardrobe.

5. And finally, fall has awesome holidays. It will soon include my wedding anniversary in addition to the currently great holidays that are known as my birthday, Halloween and Thanksgiving. At these holiday celebrations, you get to eat delicious treats with flavors that are the most appropriate in this season, like caramel and cinnamon and apple and pumpkin. What does winter have? Peppermint? Blah. Not a deep or warm flavor at all. (And you can stretch out that Halloween candy for a LONG time.)

Oh, fall treats, the epitome of Good Housekeeping.

Yes, yes, autumn is the most superior season by far. It really makes me want to move to a place where the seasons are more defined, like New England, since none of my reasons for liking fall are decidedly Texan except for the heat going away. Maybe one day! :)


  1. Your blogs are so vivid that I feel like I am sitting with you while you tell me the story. I just wrote a song about fall today...which makes me miss you even more. I love you twin! Love, Shenanigans

  2. I'm in graduate school and I still use Disney Princess and Hello Kitty folders :) Makes me smile when I use them!