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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring semester lifesavers

Wellsies, I'm 3/4 of the way through my first grad school year. Congrats, me! That also means I'm 3/8 of the way through with grad school all together, provided I pass my comprehensive exams the first time I take them in January. Which I better. I was so excited to register this week for my next round of classes, which I'm nerdily excited for. Supposedly this current semester will be my hardest of all, so I guess we'll see!
Anywho, since we only have about six weeks left until finals, that means I am the downward slope to summer freeeedom! But only kind of, because I AM taking one summer class. But it's just one night a week, for four hours (yikes). Meaning I will get to see husby in the evenings again in the summer, which is practically unheard of! Dillon is closer to real freedom than me, as he has six weeks left too, but he will be DONE with seminary in May! Into the real world he goes now! Let's see how long it takes for him to beg to be back in class like the rest of us. Hehe. Everyone in school wants to get out, and everyone out of school misses the luxuries of only having to go to class!

In times of stress with work or school, sometimes it is the little activities or resources that feel like lifesavers. So, here is a list of five silly things that are getting me through this semester:

1) Pandora: I have three stations that I rotate between: John Mayer (when I feel mellow or need focus), Michael Bolton (when I need the energy that only 80s and 90s cheese can provide), and Michael Buble (when I feel happy and mushy).

2) iPad: My computer provides lots of relax-y time at home, whether it be with mindless games, reading new iBooks or surfing the Web for home-related ideas with Dillon. Right now, I'm reading these two books using my iPad. They are (clearly) very different from one another, but they are also both very good! The iPad is fantastic for reading... I just have to be careful in the bathtub.

3) Coupons: I have a newfound appreciation for coupons, especially since I started getting this awesomely thick envelope full in our apartment mailbox. I always have my coupon carrier with me now, but sometimes I still forget to use it. Then I find the coupons a week later and they are expired. Rats! It's fun to cut them and sort them though... just the type of organizational activity that makes me happy.

4) Lays BBQ chips: I have been engulfing these by the hundreds this semester. I should buy the big bags and dole out baggies for the week, but lately I have just been getting them every day in the Union at work. Sooo goood.

5) Ojon dry shampoo: For the days that I wake up way late from snoozing my alarm 37 times, this spray freshens up my hair and soaks up the oil so it still looks clean. And it smells great, sort of like baby powder!

So, that's my list! I feel blessed that I don't ever get TOO stressed (BAM, made a rhyme), but when I do, those are some of the things that cool my jets. Note: look out in the next few weeks for an extra exciting announcement about Dillon's next move!

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